Ohrid: Plaosnik, St. Kliment, St. John Caneo

Skopje: Old aqueduct, Kale Fortess, Stone Bridge

Popova Sapka

Matka near Skopje

Gate Macedonia, Skopje Square Macedonia

Skopje ZOO

Skopje City Mall

Municipality Aerodrom at Night

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The Hotel “CAR SAMUIL” is high B category hotel and has at its 165 bads, completely equipped section for bath therapy and medical rehabilitation, as well as other premises of sports-recreative and entertaining facilities:

  • semi olympic recreative swimming pool
  • trim cabinet
  • billiards hall
  • ping-pong hall
  • picado
  • chess
  • snack bar
  • cafe with live music
  • night disco club
  • TV hall
  • etc.

The mild moderate continental climate with average temperature of +13°C, with about 230 sunny daus a year, as well as the richness of hyperthermal mineral springs with a temperature of the water from 47°C to 72°C, enabled “Banja Bansko” to be used as a natural healing resort even since roman times, precisely since the third century.


The rich and various forests, the exceptionally fresh air offr ideal conditions for curing diseases by natural factors and by the most up-to date medical equipment as wall as by professional medical team.

This bath helps to cure the following diseases:

  • all kinds of rheumatic diseases
  • sciatica and polyartritis
  • asthmatic diseases
  • diseases of the digestive organs (ulcer,gastritis,intestinal diseases)
  • a state after fracture of bones
  • a state after going through jaundice
  • neurotic diseases
  • women’s gynacological diseases (sterility,ovary inflammation)
  • etc..
Macedonia Spa Tourism

Apart from the rare landscapes and special natural beauties, nature also endowed Macedonia with springs with important therapeutic properties. Macedonia spreads over a vast amount of geothermal waters and  [ ... ]

Banja Bansko
Banja Bansko

The Public Health Organization – Natural SPA “BANJA BANSKO” is situated at the Hotel “CAR SAMUIL” in the locality Banja Bansko, at the foot of the mountain Belasica &ndas [ ... ]

Negorci Spa
Negorci Spa

Negorci Spa are modern health and tourist center. It is a center for prolonged treatment and rehabilitation with most modern equipment and functional rooms for all kinds of therapy in the field of physical me [ ... ]

Debar Spa Complex
Debar Spa Complex

Situated in the western part of Macedonia, at 630 m elevation is the Debar Lake with the town of Debar. Historical records mention debar as a early as in 2nd century and it gradually evolves into crafts [ ... ]